Episode 29

Jami Pulley of Veridata


November 8th, 2022

25 mins

Season 2

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About this Episode

CEO and Co-Founder of global data collection company, Veridata Insights, Jami Pulley has attained over 25 years of experience in the market research industry.

Beginning at Common Knowledge, Jami would advance in her career to become the first female Senior Vice President of e-Rewards (aka Research Now, aka Dynata), managing their largest revenue producing region and launching the LATAM region.

Jami’s passion for providing unsurpassed value to clients led to the inception of Veridata Insights, a global data collection and panel company. At Veridata she embraces the latest technology, complimented with a little creativity, to earn the right to be a valued partner to her clients. Utilizing Veridata’s internal panel, BizKnowledge, in addition to phone and social media recruitment to support qualitative and quantitative research, Jami’s enjoyment lies in delighting clients with outstanding customer service.

By applying her passion for team building, Jami leads Veridata to develop creative solutions to complex challenges, proudly delivering on the promise of fulfilling projects “on time, on budget, and stress free”.

Jami’s beloved work keeps her busy but attending her four children’s endless sporting activities often occupies the remainder of her schedule. Jami enjoys family time with her husband and children, especially family dinners. Jami has a passion for traveling, which she aspires to enjoy more of as she continues to take Veridata to escalating heights.