Episode 28

Tracy Stuckrath of founder of thrive! meeting and events


October 4th, 2022

27 mins 17 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

In this Ignite podcast we are pleased to be joined by Tracy Stuckrath, the founder of thrive! meeting and events and the Eating in a Meeting podcast.

After being diagnosed with a food allergy, Tracy changed the trajectory of her career in 2009 to help clients establish best practices, mitigate risk, improve experiences, and increase profit with the food and beverage they serve.

She has produced 150+ podcast episodes, co-authored two books, published over 100 articles and is recognized as a meetings and event industry leader, including Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry and a Top 500 Event Professionals in North America.

Listen to Tracy as she devolves into how to create safe, sustainable, and inclusive food and beverage events that deliver experiences where everyone feels valued. Every guest matters. Every meal matters.