Episode 22

Making NHL Soar in Florida, with Matt Hill


January 12th, 2021

30 mins 35 secs

Season 1

Your Hosts

About this Episode

“Jeff Vinik has mastered the ability of a sports team in a community to have a great organic partnership. He has given so much to this community over the years that it's almost like people's civic duty to give back. And we've been the benefactor of that. ”

On this episode of Fired Up, Matt Hill, Vice-President of Premium Seating and Group Sales for Vinik Sports Group, talks about great ownership with a sincere commitment to the players, staff and most importantly – the community.

Having grown up in the East coast of Canada, he dreamed of the NHL from the player perspective. He grew up in a rink and played the game for a number of years. It afforded him some opportunities for college and a little bit of a minor pro hockey after that. But quickly realized it was not going to pay the bills long enough and needed to go up and get on with real life.

Matt coached for a while at the university where he played and was also running a little player development program for some local youth. He was still involved in the game, but wanted more, he wanted the NHL. Matt’s good friend, Brad Richards, who was playing for the Lightning talk with Matt. It was through that conversation that the front office became his calling. Still involved with the sport he loves and as competitive as ever as part of a winning team.

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